CES Las Vegas plus Detroit Motor Show Design Report 2019

The Car Men Design Report for the CES Las Vegas plus Detroit Motor Show 2019 is available.


Las Vegas CES 2019 Atmosphere

More than 20 different press conferences had the same core message in Las Vegas:
“We are listening to our customers…
The customers of the digital age are increasingly demanding! ”
If we are considering design taste and preferences as sources for the solution,
than the challenges of the digital age can be solved easier.

Atmosphere… 2019

Thanks to Asia

  • Just future concepts on the show from Japan and China
  • Asian Creativity vs. US Tradition
  • Detroit is looking for a new show format
    like all the other established shows in the Western world.
  • Last Detroit Show in January (new concept summer 2020)

Please contact us for the full Design Report and further information:


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